An insight into how common this problem is in India.

In western countries, there has always been a censure in using insulting slurs. Such coarse language and demeanour is looked down upon and is no longer tolerated abroad.

However, this is not the situation in India.

In urban India, it has become quite common to use the ‘n-word’ , ‘f-word’(homophobic slur) and calling someone ‘chinky’. People have started using this language liberally without realising its history, past and how offensive it is. Hip hop and rap culture has made it a norm and apparently using it impetuously in conversations or singing it is ‘cool’. Maybe it’s the ignorant mindset or unschooled knowledge but this type of language is demeaning and should not be used.


What is it?

-ethnic or racial slurs used to discriminate against race and skin colour.

Being brown skinned does not give us the right to use these words, words that don’t belong to us and have brutal and vicious history behind it. Even calling someone ‘chinky’ or using any colour related slur is malicious.


Homophobic, religion and caste related slurs

-slurs targeted towards LGBT, religion and caste are pejorative and should not be in use.

Let us all be more sensitive and think before using such derogatory language.

To quote Confucius,

“Don’t do unto others what you don’t want done to you”

‘Corona’ is not just a virus. Indians are using it as a slur against people from northeast