Kanye West’s recent Twitter rampage has taken over the Internet by storm and has been painted out in a negative way by the press and social media.

The famous rapper-entrepreneur ‘ye’ has been vocal about his struggles with bipolar disorder in the past, often speaking out on the topic on social media and expressing it in his music. He says it makes him more ‘creative’ and ‘artistic’ and allows him to make more music which is why he had stopped his medication for bipolar disorder.

West has been tweeting several bizarre and concerning messages on twitter which have been badly received. This has resulted in his family life being publicly damaged and a lot of people ridiculing this outbreak. While some people call it crazy, others think it’s a cry for help.

What is bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder, previously known as manic-depressive illness, involves alternating periods of intense mania (high energy and activity) and severe depression (low energy and mood).

Kanye’s recent public behaviour indicates he may have been experiencing a hypomanic period.

People with bipolar disorder often between episodes of illness or when receiving effective treatments have been observed to be highly creative, socially sensitive, exquisitely perceptive and remarkably lucid.

His recent public display is effecting his family as well as himself and the media is adding fuel to the fire..