We live in a world where human impact is a constant threat to our environment and biodiversity. Our country is developing progressively but along with progress comes downfall, our environment takes the toll for this.

As a socially and environmentally conscious citizen, I have been a voice for social issues mainly sustainability. The term sustainability is used to describe many different approaches for improving life and takes profit, plant and people into account. If we want to preserve the best of nature for generations to come, we need to get away from the culture of waste and non biodegradable materials that are consuming our capitalist world. Taking all three factors into account, I have been playing my role as an environment enthusiast in improving the current situation. The premise of sustainability is saving the environment and my focus in particular has been against plastic. Two years ago, I was lucky enough to go on a marine life conservation trip to Koh Tao, Thailand where I was taught the implications of plastic and non biodegradable substances submerged in the ocean. I was deeply disturbed to see the outcome of the pollution caused by humans and how even sunscreen is harmful for the coral reefs and marine life. After two weeks of cleaning beaches and the sea I became more aware of the effects of pollutants such as plastic. Since then I have made lifestyle changes. Small changes like taking jute bags to grocery stores, reusing containers and bottles, and finding substitutes for plastic. After thorough research and hours of work in the kitchen, I was able to replicate plastic and it’s nature by using glycerin, vinegar, corn flour and water. I ended up making bags out of the biomaterial and I sold them. I sold 30 bio plastic bags. I was also able to play my part in spreading awareness about sustainability at NGO’s like Project Why.

In today’s day and age, we face big challenges, the youth has an incredibly vital role to play. This might include new scientific discovery, better understanding of the impact of pollution, better policy’s to address the increase of non biodegradable materials and education to raise awareness and foster behavioural change so that small steps can be taken to reduce our environmental impact. Environmental problems will only be solved with creative, innovative ideas and a society willing to adopt them. As the youth, we need to implement change.

( 2020 speech on sustainability by kyra )