Dear Covid 19,

You have brought desolation and death to our world with your infectious nature and your dehumanising smile. You have taken away loved ones and created havoc in everyones lives, thereby creating a new normal, a devastating way of life.

Everyday is the same. Days have longer hours, weeks have more days and a month feels endless. What at first seemed like a prolonged holiday now feels like a labyrinth I can’t find my way out of. I have grown tired of following the same routine and have come to miss the small outings that I once took for granted. I miss going out, even to just the supermarket or park. I miss meeting my friends and having fun like a child should. And shockingly, I miss going to school.

Students and school have a love-hate relationship. The hate aspect of school particularly comes from tedious lectures, homework and everything else in between. The feeling of waking up early in the morning, processing and understanding 50 different topics like a computer and going home feeling mentally and physically drained is what students went though before the pandemic. A break from school felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders, a way to sit back and finally relax. Initially, everything was just the way I imagined it to be. I had all the time in the world. Like almost every person during the initial lockdown, I too started exercising at home and baking. I had invested a majority of my time in Netflix, watching documentaries and shows till I had nothing new to watch. Online school was undemanding with shorter hours and a lesser work load. Students could just wake up and attend classes in their pyjamas and no one would even know as the cameras are off, atleast in my school. Everything was going smoothly except, something was missing. It was the school environment that I had grown up in and the familiar faces that I was missing. The joy and laughter and the friendships and experiences made in school is what every student loves about school. This is also an important part of our childhood. Studying alone in the same four walls everyday while staring at a laptop is no school.

After months of staying at home and no sign of school reopening, everyday became the same. Hours of online classes left me with eye strain and a headache. This form of school was even worse for teachers who were noticeably struggling to adjust and taught lessons to faceless students. As a high school student nearing college, co curriculars became tasking and participating in social work became non-existent. Classes are now impersonal and focussing on school work has become tough given the distractions at home and the deadly virus going around. This everyday cycle coupled with the university pressure became unbearable and stressful.

Two years later, I am currently in the last year of high school and constantly reminded of all the experiences I have missed. I reminisce the times before the pandemic, happier times, free of you. A big chunk of my school years is lost for good. Students all over the world can relate to this lacklustre feeling.

Next year I will be 18 and the last of my childhood will be gone but the impact of you will still be there. You grew, you changed and you spread your malice and morbidity but your days will soon be numbered, until then..

Yours truly